How to program your subconscious

As I mentioned earlier, we want to program our subconscious to act in a certain way when a certain thing happens. And these certain things are our dream signs.


Now there are few tools that can help you with this:

  • Setting your intention
  • Using fake dream signs
  • Using reminders and symbols to create a reality checking habit


For example, lets say that one of your dream signs is seeing your mom. The way you create a habit for this dream sign is to perform a reality check each time you see your mom. After some time, seeing your mom will automatically trigger the idea of doing a reality check, so when you are in a dream and you see your mother the same thing will happen. ALAKAZAM, you will soon become lucid.


Setting your intention to do a reality check when you notice a dream sign

Have you ever sad something like: “the next time I see Simon, I will tell him about what happened last night”. This is exactly what this method is all about, saying: “the next time I notice this dream sign, I will do a reality check”

This can be used for dream signs that never happen in your real life like: flying, teleporting trough time and space, seeing blue pigs and e.t.c. basically things that could never happen in the real world.

To make this even better try to visualize this future situation. Go through it 3-4 times and then let it go and be certain that your mind got the message.


Fake Dream Signs

If you don’t know your personal dream signs, you can use a list of usual things that happen every day. Note: you will want to replace them as soon as possible, because unique dream signs give better results.

Here is a list of 7 fake dream signs:

  • Entering the bathroom
  • Entering or leaving your house
  • Entering or leaving work or school
  • Flying
  • Sex with strangers
  • Seeing someone important to you
  • Instantly after getting out of bed (huge one since there are many “false awakenings” in dreams)


Symbols and Reminders

A common problem with creating new habits is that you simply forget what you need to do. And in order to make sure that you remember to do a reality check on a certain dream sign, you will need to create lucid dreaming reminders.

A lucid dreaming reminder can be a computer screen saver that says : ” Do a reality check NOW”, or a note on your bathroom door with the same message.

A symbol can be your dream journal or a specially picked rock named “The Lucidity Rock” which you can carry around in your pocket. This rock will remind you to do a reality check and more importantly it will remind you of all your lucid dreaming goals.

This is the time to be creative!

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