What is lucid dreaming?

The word “lucid” means “aware” and therefore “lucid dreaming” means “conscious dreaming”.It implies that you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming.


This is a skill that you can learn and implement into your daily life and it involves learning how to:

  • Remember dreams (we actually have more than 5 dreams each night but most of us just forget everything)
  • Attain lucidity (realize that you are dreaming/or fall asleep without losing consciousness)
  • Control dreams
  • Prolong dreams


Lucid dreams are vivid, detailed and real. However, the key deference between normal and lucid dreaming is the ability to control the dream, which is not absolute and increases proportionally with your experience and level of lucidity(How sure you are that you are dreaming?).


The realization that you are dreaming

Here is one little exercise that will help you understand how this feels like:

Become aware about the space around you, notice the keyboard, look at your palms, explore them. Ask yourself “Might this be a dream?” and really consider the question. Now imagine that this is a actually a dream and you have just awoken inside it.

The feeling you are experiencing now is quite similar to how you will feel inside a lucid dream. AWARE.


Feelings and Emotions

Dreaming produces the same emotions we have in real life. The part of our brain that controls the process of filtering emotions is not working while we sleep, this actually makes the emotions felt in our dreams more intense than the ones in real life.


Is lucid dreaming safe?

Yes. Its absolutely safe. You can’t get hurt in any way, shape or form.


Lucid Dreaming is NOT:

  • Anything related to magic

Lucid dreaming is a skill based on science and how the brain works. We are the only species who can lucid dream because we are the only species with consciousness. So, no, this is not voodoo stuff related to dark spells, just a really really really vivid imagination.

  • Anything related to your soul

People are sometimes afraid of not being able to wake up, and being trapped by the evil spirits, they say that doing things like this connects you to the realm of spirits and you must be guided personally by a guru who will protect your soul.

This is the same as thinking that  a hallucination is real and that the ghosts you saw were there to take your soul FOR REAL.

  • Anything related to Cults/Illuminati stiff.

Many people think that lucid dreamers are weird people, they live in cults and have weakly meetings where they practice their voodoo powers. In truth, lucid dreamers are just like me and you, NORMAL people who want to get the most out of their dreams. They just found a way to tap into the power of the brain and use it to enrich their life.

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