6 Cool “I am Dreaming” Wallpapers

The purpose of these wallpapers is to remind you to do a reality check each time you see them on your desktop and  to increase your general awareness for lucid dreaming.

Do a reality Check Now!

Download : Lucid Dreaming Wallpaper #1

Black Brush Splash

Download : Black Splash Lucid Dreaming Wallpaper


Download : Concrete Lucid Dreaming Wallpaper


Download : Clouds Lucid Dreaming Wallpaper

Are you ?

Download : Lucid Dreaming Wallpaper


Download : Abstract Lucid Dreaming Wallpaper


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6 thoughts on “6 Cool “I am Dreaming” Wallpapers”

  1. No sorry, I created these a long time ago, maybe I will create new wallpapers in the near future, you will get a notification if you are on the email list (you can subscribe in the right sidebar – you will also get access to my free online lucid dreaming training)

  2. Looks Great! When Lucid Dreaming do you need a totem and if you do how can you take it into the dream world with you?

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