Dream Initiated Lucid Dream(DILD)




You need to be able to remember at least one dream/night.

How to remember your dreams.

You need to know how to do a reality check.

Reality Checking

What is DILD?

Dream initiated lucid dreams are those witch start as normal and turn into lucid dreams after a while, usually after performing a reality check.

For example, you go to sleep, have a normal dream and something triggers the thought : “This is weird, is this a dream?”, and soon you realize that you are actually dreaming.

How does it work?

Our conscious brain is partially shut down while we are sleeping which results in low awareness. We can dream about flying or traveling into the future but most of us won’t even think about the fact that it might just be a dream!

However, most parts of our subconscious remain active and our daily habits are carried over into our dreams. So our goal is to intentionally build a reality checking habit that will be also carried over into our dreams.

3 Steps for Creating a Reality Checking Habit :

1. Choose your reality check triggers

This are the things that will remind you to do a reality check. When choosing your triggers, search in your dream journal and find things that constantly recur. A person? Place? Activity?

If you don’t have a dream journal or you haven’t recorded enough dreams, you can use some general triggers like:

  • Going out or in your house
  • Being in the bathroom
  • Entering your school/workplace
  • Each time your wristwatch beeps(hourly)

2. Do a reality check when you see some trigger.

3. Repeat for 21 days to make it a habit

You will probably have your first lucid dream in about a week.

Tips for creating habits:

Lucid Dreaming Reminder

Lucid Dreaming Reminder

1. Create notes and hang them on your bathroom door and your main door. Create smaller notes and put them into your wallet or pockets. They will also increase your awareness and remind you that you might really be dreaming.

2. Create symbols – Things that will associate and remind you to reality checking and lucid dreaming. For example you can do a reality check each time you see your cellphone. Or you can find a small rock/coin and name it : The Magical Lucid Dreaming Object and carry it around with you.

The 10 Fundamental Lucid Dreaming Questions

I picked the 10 fundamental questions with the intention to give you a clear picture about lucid dreaming. Here they are:


1. What is lucid dreaming?

It is conscious dreaming, a dream where you know that you are dreaming. Once you are aware you are dreaming you can change your dreams and decide what will happen.


2. What can you do in a lucid dream?

Well it depends from the level of control and imagination you have and that’s mainly increased with practice.

But don’t worry most starters can fly and have sex 🙂


3. Why have lucid dreams?

DotA Hero Lina the Slayer Wallpaper

Unimaginable Adventures and Fun.

– Experience your deepest sexual fantasies without having to fight with the constraints of society. 7 tips for better lucid dreaming sex

– Fly high into the clouds

– Go back in dinosaur time and ride a T-rex





Unlock Creativity

When you are in a lucid dream its really easy to be creative because logical part of your brain is partially shut down. You can use this to ask smart questions and get innovative and creative answers back from your subconscious mind.

This can be very effective for profession like: Artist or Designer





Self development

– Taking down phobias and nightmares

– Saying goodbye to lost friends or family.

– Having a chat with your subconscious mind and getting to know yourself better.





Hang out with people from history/celebrities

– Einstein, Alexander the great, Bruce lee

– Your favorite rock band

– Your favorite movie star

– Cartoon characters




4. How can I have a lucid dream?

There are many methods for entering in the state of lucidness, my favorites are:

  • Learn how to induce lucid dreams with the WILD technique for instant results.
  • Learn how to have lucid dreams with increasing your intent for lucid dreams.
  • Learn how to have lucid dreams by creating a reality checking routine.


5. What is the best method for lucid dreaming?


All of them are different and good but when you combine more lucid dreaming tactics you will get synergistic results – the sum-result of all parts-methods will be greater than the sum of all individual parts.


6. How often will I have lucid dreams?

Depends on how much you want to have.

Lucid dreaming is like a muscle, the more you work on it the better it gets. The more dedicated you are to lucid dreaming the faster you will progress.


7. How often do I Dream?

We have approximately 5 dreams/night but most of them are simply forgotten. People usually confuse not remembering with not having dreams. So if you think that you don’t have dreams you are actually just not remembering them.


8. How can I remember my dreams?


Dreams are usually stored only in our short term memory and lost few minutes after waking up. The best way to ensure that you will remember what you were dreaming is to access your short term memory immediately after waking up and write it down in your dream journal. To learn more go to : Remembering dreams.


9. How can I prolong a lucid dream?

You can prolong your dream with using :

  • The Palm Rubbing technique
  • The Tornado spin technique
  • The Focus technique
  • The shouting technique

To learn more go to : How to prolong a lucid dream.


10. How real does a Lucid Dream feel?

Real as reality itself, the feelings are real as in the real world.

Did you know that your body is paralyzed when you sleep? This is a safety mechanism disconnects the mind from the body so you can have a really vivid dream and not kill yourself in the real world.


I hope that one day everyone will enjoy lucid dreaming and the benefits that come with it. So share this with your friends and give them a chance to give lucid dreaming a chance.

– Alex


Remembering Your Dreams


  1. To remember your lucid dreams – yes you can have a lucid dream but forget all about it
  2. Drastically increase your chances for experiencing a lucid dream
  3. Some dreams are fun even if  you are not conscious – lucid.

There are many people that actually believe that they don’t have dreams. Thats because people easily confuse not remembering dreams with not having dreams.


After reading this article you will have the knowledge to remember at least one dream every night. We actually have more than 3 dreams every night so remembering one is just the minimum.


What is stopping us from remembering dreams ?


The part of our brain that stores long term memory is only partially active, also the part that stores short term memory is partially active. This means that your memory simply SUCKS.

Now, the good news :

If you wake up right after having a dream, you will still have 90 % of the information in the short term memory. So lets use what we have got.

How to remember your dreams


Okay, here is some practical advice that you can implement right away.

The two most important things you need to know about remembering your dreams :

  1. Creating Strong Intent
  2. Dream journaling



Have you ever woken up 5 minutes before the alarm clock was supposed to start ringing ?

I hallucinate hearing yes, it’s a common experience.

This happens because we had strong subconscious intent to wake up in some specific time.This intent could be there for deferent reasons like : you have to catch a plane, you have to go to work or it can be even knowing the time when the alarm should wake you up.

If the reason to wake up is strong enough your subconscious mind will program your internal body clock to wake you up when you really need to/ want to.


Statements of Intent and Creating Intent


Statements of intent are like messages to your subconscious mind, they are simple one liners that you read or write down before falling asleep.

Their purpose is to help you with increasing your subconscious intent for remembering your dreams, having lucid dreams and dreaming about specific topics.

  • If you want to remember your dreams repeat something like : “Tonight I will remember mydreams”
  • If you want to dream about specific topic say : “I want to dream about x”
  • If you want to have lucid dreams say : “ Tonight I will have a lucid dream, I will understand that I amdreaming and I will do a reality check, then I will take control and I will do X “

I sometimes write 2 full pages with statements of intent before going to bed, this ensures great dream recall the next morning.

The trick with statements of intent is to say them with certainty, total belief and determination – the thing you see in the picture of the owl above. Do that for 2 minutes and then let it go and trust your subconscious to serve you.

Simple yet so powerful.

Keeping a dream journal


If you are interested in learning this skill then starting and maintaining a dream journal should be the first thing you do on this journey.

There are just to many good things that come with it :

  • You will remember more dreams every night
  • You will remember dreams longer ( for life – you have them on paper )
  • You will have more lucid dreams (Keeping a dream journal increases your intent for lucid dreams)
  • You will find your unique dream signs (Things that happen often in your dreams, repetitive characters, places, activities)

Keep your journal near your bed. When you wake up ask yourself  : ” What was I dreaming about ?”  and then write the dream down.

You can write the whole version or you can just write the main points of the dream, 5-10 key points are usually enough for me.

So lets make a quick recap :

  1. Increase your intent with statements of intent.
  2. Create and maintain a dream journal .

Now enough, you have the information. Go there and use it.

Ps. I would really appreciate you commenting with the results you are getting.