The Most Interesting Lucid Dreaming Ideas

Picture lightbulb

  1. Live a lifetime
  2. Have Sex
  3. Speak into a microphone and contact all people in the world
  4. Fly – Super fast, Chill out, Very High, Fast and Low to the ground
  5. Talk to a representative dream character from your subconscious
  6. Double or Triple your size
  7. Shrink to the size of an ant and go inside an ant hill
  8. Shape shift – Become the opposite sex
  9. Take a lucid pill
  10. Talk to yourself as a child
  11. Stop Time or Slow Time down
  12. Turn yourself into a liquid
  13. Be invisible
  14. Light saber fight with Dart Wader
  15. Drink a bear with Peter Griffin – Family Guy and Homer Simpson
  16. Take part in some huge battle ( Sparta – 300 ?)
  17. Teleporting
  18. Be a Ninja
  19. Run super fast – like hulk
  20. Telekinesis

Give me your ideas via comments, if they are good I will add them to the list .



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19 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Lucid Dreaming Ideas”

  1. why dont we try training for martial arts & stuff like that? U might realize that u r already well trained, like in the movie limitless(2011).

  2. Yeah this is quite possible, like you can live a lifetime in a dream. Everything is possible in a lucid dream. My friend once memorized a complex mathematical problem and solved while lucid dreaming, woke up wrote up the answer and it turned out to be correct!

  3. Also, wouldn’t it be SWEET to make the lucid dream feel like it’s been going on for weeks, but only a few minutes is passing in real life? I could hang out with celebs or TV characters, I could be famous, I could be a spy, I could transform into an animal, I could do ANYTHNG! It’d be amazing…

  4. I wish I could lucid dream. I read about lucid dreaming, and actually had a dream that I was talking to my friends about lucid dreaming and how badly i wished i could…and then I woke up, and I was like, aww man ,that was my oppurtunity! xD

  5. I had a lucid dream two nights ago and I did the thing where you double or triple in size, and it’s actually really fun and makes you feel weird haha O-o You should add dying to the list because I’ve tried it before and it’s… different.

  6. the whole point is to fulfill your cravings. humans crave, you know. for things.
    we feel dissatisfied cause things in real world doesn’t match with what’s in our imagination.
    even for having a pure&complete fun out of a flying experience in a lucid dream; i say it’s enriching alright.
    oh, btw, when i make it, i’ll come back and give you details!

  7. I have done it 3 times now! its so fun and kind of addictive… but i heard about looking into a mirror and how weird you look. So i tried it and YES it is so weird, you don’t look like yourself at all!!!!! so awesome, gotta try it.

  8. how about imagine lucid dream controller? press the button and change scenary, press the button and gain more lucidy, just imagine it 😀

  9. you awesome, for real.
    Mayby you wright how to stop real time in the lucid dream? Being in lucid dream how long you can, days, hours..I’ve heard about it, can it be real??

  10. Maybe not for you but there are tousands of other people who benefited enormously simply by stopping their nightmares.

    I think you haven’t gotten deep enough to see the real potential.


  11. I recall from my early days of looking into this that teleporting was a bad idea in lucid dreaming- the sudden transitions can kick you awake. One tip I found useful was to simply create a door with where you want to go to on the other side.

    I stopped doing it shortly after I started- while it was interesting, I didn’t see anything practical to do with it. Yeah, flying around like superman and throwing cars is neat, but it’s not going to enrich your real life.

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