How I SHATTERED my reality with a pair of Headphones


Here is what happened…

A friend of mine recommended me to try something new called: “binalular beats”… You get a track and you play it on your headphones, mine was called astral projection. I darkened my room, unplugged the phone and played the track.

It went on for about 10 minutes, I don’t remember exactly… Then I noticed something weird, My body lost all its weight, I was now light as a feather. I started to SEPARATE from my body and LEVITATED in my room for some time (this was of course all in my mind).  It all felt REAL, as real as you feel now, reading this.

Then I got really excited and woke up, standing there in awe. I was shocked by the realness of the whole thing.

How does this headphone stuff work?

When each of your ears is presented with a slightly different frequency of sound, a third frequency is created automatically inside the brain to even them out. For example, if you have 200khz to the one ear and 208hz to the other ear, a third frequency of 8hz will be created in the brain.

The specifics of that third frequency are specifically manipulated to impact and stimulate parts of your brain in a desired way.

There are specific “tracks” of binaural beats for pain relief, for increasing consciousness, meditation, some can put you to sleep, some are even designed to give you the same feeling as using drugs(morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana e.t.c).

You can find this tracks here: The Unexplainable Store


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