How to Have Lucid Dreams Instantly – WILD Technique

5 Steps to Your First Lucid Dream


It is a way to trick your body to think that your mind is sleeping. When this happens you enter the dream world but you still preserve your consciousness. Thus you can do whatever you want to do.

Its really good method for experiencing your first lucid dream because it works instantly. Just go to bed, follow the steps and in 20-30 minutes you will find yourself in a lucid dream.



1 ) Lay down and Relax

Release the muscle tension. One body part at a time. Start with the head and finish with the toes.

Feel the tension fading away, start breathing slowly and deep. Relax even more.






killer2 ) Do NOT MOVE your body.

Every time you move the time counter for getting lucid is reset and you start again from the begging.

You will probably get URGES to move, thats a sign that you are on the right track.

Ignore the urges long enough and the body will start thinking that the mind is asleep, thus it will enter the state of sleep paralysis. (thats what you are looking for)




brain112271774193 ) Maintain Consciousness.

Know that you will enter a dream and just reaffirm that you are dreaming. If you fail to maintain consciousness you will probably end up having a normal dream.

One… I am dreaming
Two… I am dreaming
Three… I am dreaming



observe4 ) Observe the Weird Sensations ( hypogogic imagery)

After a while you will start seeing flashes of images, your body will start to feel really light or numb, you might hear voices and sounds, moving colors on your eyelids or other weird things.

This is totally natural, it happens every time when you are between sleep and wakefulness, you just can’t remember it. The key here is to stay CALM, just passively observe what is happening. Do this until the flashes of images become really strong and vivid.




5 ) Enter the dream

All you have to do now is explore the vivid images with your imagination. Use all your senses. You can enter some of those images and continue forming your story from there. Its best to imagine yourself MOVING ( running, flying, walking, swimming) and then explore all the sensations, feel the wind on your skin, the pressure from the gravity on your legs, the movement, hear the sounds from the street.

Sooner or later those sensations will become highly vivid and real -> You have entered : WILDWake Induced Lucid Dream.




Now you can do  many things…

But where to start ?

Well, my next post will be just about that, The most Interesting Ideas For Lucid Dreaming


45 thoughts on “How to Have Lucid Dreams Instantly – WILD Technique”

  1. I am not sure, but it sounds like it. The more I’ve talked to different people, the more I realized that everyone has some weird and unique details about their dreams / lucid dreams.

  2. Yes, noise and distractions decrease the chances a lot, it is best to tell them that you need some uninterrupted time.

  3. Naturally, when you enter the dream and realize that you are dreaming, you should stop counting and enjoy the experience. Maybe also remind yourself that you are dreaming from time to time.

  4. Hey

    Do you have to continue to count while your observing and entering the dream? I never know if I should stop or continue counting.


  5. can you do it when its not after 6 hours of sleep?

    should you have your eyes closed the whole time from step 1 to 5

  6. Hi Alex 🙂 I was just wondering that if there is movement around your house this will decrease the chances of you becoming lucid …For example my brother is walking around downstairs … Thank u 🙂

  7. When I was younger I remember I used to be able to stay still for a long time and then I would have this like feeling that was bed was slowly rotation like upside down and now sometimes if I lay very still I sometimes feel like I’m faking off my bed then I stop myslef and like my heart pounds like I actually really almost fell off. Is that the same thing as what u were talkig about?

  8. Superb!

    This is the simplest and most clearly explained lucid dreaming guide I have ever come across. Really excited to go home and try this method out. 🙂

  9. “I won’t be able to put an alarm and wake up in 6 hours cause once I’m awake I won’t be able to do it, can I do it when I am going to sleep at night? Btw I go to sleep like at 11pm-12midnight” – Believe me, it is far easier to do it after 6 hours of sleep than when you regularly go to bed. (the success rate should be x5 at lest)

  10. Depends to your personal preference, it is good for some people and bad for others. Some people find it relaxing and others find it irritating.

  11. I won’t be able to put an alarm and wake up in 6 hours cause once I’m awake I won’t be able to do it, can I do it when I am going to sleep at night? Btw I go to sleep like at 11pm-12midnight

  12. Yawning and blinking will slow you down or reset the time … Moving your eyes is okay, however if you can keep them still… everything will happen faster.

    The best sleeping position for me is on the back (possibly because I rarely sleep on my back and it forces me to keep a higher level of consciousness because I am slightly irritated)

    I haven’t tested the shower thing, but it is a good idea that might help.

  13. Let’s say I get tired/bored and yawn, would that reset the time?
    Also (stupid question) but, would blinking or moving eyes quickly reset time?
    If there is a sleeping position that works best (Ex. sleeping on stomach) what is it? And last question: Would a warm/hot shower help in relaxation?

  14. hey, im new to lucid dreaming and have been practising WILD for the past 3 nights. i am doing ok. i havent actually had a proper lucid dream yet. i got to a state where my torso and body were numb and that i felt like i was floating. im going to try to set myself some targets to achieve. but i have a question. if part of my body, say my hand, undergoes a twitch or minor spasm, does this reset the process? thanks xx

  15. Yes you are asleep but you are lucid (conscious that you are dreaming).

    Imagine right now that you had the power to do anything and make it happen right now. Want to go to France bam, you are there! Do you feel different?

    Well in lucid dreams you have this power and it makes you feel different but basically it is the same as real life. (but you experience emotions and sensations on a deeper – hypnotic level)

  16. Well, you can do it without counting, but counting will increase your chances. When you get better you will be able to go in LD’s really fast, without counting.

  17. are you actually ‘asleep’ during this? or are you technically awake?

    I am just wondering what the difference in rest is between this dream state and a real one

    If someone were to walk in on you would you just appear to be asleep?

  18. heyy um do you still have to do that one…dreaming two…dreaming thing when you get to step 4??? Thanks

  19. Hiya,

    I think it would be a good idea to mention the wake-back-to-bed thing (trying WILD preferably after six or so hours of sleep) in the article itself. From reading LD forums I get the idea very few people, myself included, succeed at WILD first thing when you go to bed, but can do it from a WBTB.

    Other than that, good and concise instructions.

  20. Okay I have a question. Whenever I try to go into Sleep Paralysis, sometimes my finger or toe does a slight twitch (its uncontrollable). Does this reset everything?

  21. Wow love this site gonna try this WILD technique starting my dream journal already, thanks!.

  22. The hypnagogic is experienced when you are in between dream and wakefulness, when you are out of your body, the dream has began and the sensations should stop but you are probably thinking to much about the them and thats why they continue in your dreams(and wake you up).


    1)Try to visualize something else and not think about the weird sensations.
    2) Get some experience. The process will get smooth after you have tried enough times.

  23. I get stuck with WILD.

    At first I get these really violent electric currents running through my body. They are really annoying but I ignore them and after a while I usually feel like I’m floating above my bed (sometimes I feel hands manipulating my position of arms and legs). The hypnagoga is there to and gets increasingly complex. Up to a point. I can’t go further into the actual dream.

    Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

  24. Normally about 10-15 minutes. But sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes.

    Its best/fastest when you do it in the morning 1 hour after waking up after 6 hours sleep.

  25. Hello! ..

    I was just wondering if anybody knows how long this take’s from step 1 till step 5.. ?

    Best regards..

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