Lucid Dreaming How To


This lucid dreaming how to guide contains all the different techniques I’ve talked about on this website. So buckle up and enjoy the ride 🙂

There are many different techniques you can use to enter a lucid dream, some of them offer instant results but may be harder to perform others will require some time but you will eventually get there.

Lucid Dreaming how to: WILD

Wake induced lucid dreams are similar to astral projections. Since you are directly entering a lucid dream it means that you will have a really high level of consciousness. Also WILD’s give the most vivid lucid dreaming experiences.


  • Most vivid dreams you will ever have
  • You are highly conscious and aware that you are actually dreaming
  • Takes 5-30 minutes in total
  • With practice you can have WILD’s whenever you want


  • Has a higher failure chance
  • Can be a bit frustrating if you can’t fall asleep

Lucid Dreaming How To - DILD

Lucid Dreaming how to: DILD

The basic lucid dreaming induction technique. DILD stands for Dream Induced Lucid Dream.


  • You are turning your regular dreams in lucid dreams, so you are not wasting any additional time
  • A good habit to have, since you will start remembering your dreams too (and you can discover some pretty interesting things from your dreams)
  • Gets better with time


  • It is not instant, and requires few days of preparation for you to have an actual lucid dream.

Lucid Dreaming how to: MILD

MILD or Mnemonically induced lucid dream basically works by intent. You make your brain to WANT to have a lucid dream and it will do it. However this technique is hardly ever used on its own, most of the time you will combine it with the other techniques to increase the chances for lucid dreaming.


  • Could be combined with other techniques


  • Pretty much sucks on its own
  • You may find it hard to do lucid dreaming affirmations 10 times per day 🙂

Lucid Dreaming how to: WBTB

This is one of the most potent lucid dreaming techniques. It is also used in a combination with the other techniques but this one increases the chances for lucid dreaming by roughly 10 times.


  • Has the highest success rate
  • Really good combination with WILD


  • HARD because you have to get up after 6 hours, stay up for 30 minutes and then go back to bed.
  • Using this technique means loosing sleep time

Lucid Dreaming how to: Binaural Beats

This is something like the WILD technique. You just need to put a special MP3 on your headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the ride.


  • Good success rate
  • You don’t need to do anything, the bunaural beats take care of everything.


  • Headphones can be annoying
  • The mp3’s are not free

I hope that this lucid dreaming how to guide will help you start lucid dreaming, if i missed something out or you have any suggestions feel free to post a comment bellow and I will respond asap.