Attaining Lucidity

There are two main ways for attaining lucidity,

  1. Falling asleep while keeping consciousness
  2. Falling asleep, losing consciousness and then bringing your consciousness back by realizing that you are dreaming.

In this tutorial we will be focused mainly on the second method, however I will also provide links for the other methods in the future.


Setting Your Intention

IF you really intend to have a lucid dream then your mind will give it to you. Doing things like dream journaling, reading articles about lucid dreaming or simply thinking about lucid dreaming will increase your desire/intent to have a lucid dream and therefore it will increase your chances for experiencing a lucid dream.


Creating a Reality Checking Habit

– “Dreams are real as reality itself. In order to bring awareness to your dreams we  have to bring awareness in our walking life.”

The logical/conscious part of our brain is partially shut down while we are sleeping, in order to activate it we ask the question: “Am I Dreaming?” and then we test to see if we are dreaming or not.

To make sure we ask this question, we will program our subconscious mind to act in a certain way when certain thing happens. For example, we can program ourselves to do a reality check each time we see some close friend.

Next Step:

Reality Checking