Now that you know the techniques for remembering dreams I want you to try them out. Your goal is to increase your dream recall and start remembering at least 2 dreams every night.


Tonight’s mission:

  1. Start a dream journal and put it next to your bed.
  2. Before falling asleep, fill 2 pages with the sentence “tonight I will remember my dreams” and really believe it, you can also write/say “I will wake up as soon as my dream ends and then I will write it down”
  3. Set up the alarm clock to wake you up after 4.5 hours and again after 6 hours. That’s right after the third and the fourth REM – stage which last around 15 and 30 minutes, respectively.
  4. When you wake up ask yourself the question: “what was I dreaming about?”
  5. Write the key points of your dream on the paper
  6. Go back to sleep
  7. Write the full versions in your new dream Journal after you wake up.


After you have sufficient number of entries in your dream journal (10-15) you can start searching for your dream signs.


PS. You can download the 3 day lucid dreaming challenge by subscribing to the NapLetter.

Thats all for today, see you tomorrow! And don’t peak ahead!