Lucid Dreaming Sex

Most beginners are surprised when they wake up few seconds after they start having lucid dreaming sex. The emotions and sensations you experience can easily get you overwhelmed, which then leads to waking up or losing control over the dream. Lucid dreaming sex is very strong experience, physically and emotionally. When emotions and sensations get too strong they are far more likely to crush your dream, especially if you still don’t know how to keep yourself cool and calm in the process. You need to learn how to stabilize and control the dream. Learn to walk before you can run, learn to fly before you try to have sex.


A few tips about lucid dreaming sex:

If you have a little experience with lucid dreaming, the following might be common sense to you. However remember that it is not about what you know or don’t, it is about what you do. These are some of the things you need to remember to do if you want a better experience next time.


  1. Try It After You Learn How To Stay Lucid For 5+ Minutes

LD sex is a very bad idea for beginners because it actually makes the “learning curve” much longer, since you don’t learn much in a 10 – 20 second lucid dream. So the idea is that you need to start slow and then build up, you need to learn to crawl before you can walk, and there are many milestones you should reach before you can have sex without waking up in the middle of it. A better idea would be to start by learning to create objects, learning to jump high, fly, teleport, summon people and objects, basically similar – less emotional activities. In the mean-time you will learn how to keep a cool and prolong your dreams.

  1. Don’t Objectify Dream Characters

Many people make the mistake of treating dream projection as objects. You need to realize that dream characters are part of your subconscious and they have their own lives, they represent some part of your psyche and they have certain characteristics, needs and wants. Often they will say no or they will ignore you if you are being an asshole. It is an even better experience to connect with them and have the experience together. It feels better and it also makes it feel more real.

  1. Know what you want to try before you enter the dream

If you start thinking about what you want to do after you enter the dream, you will be losing precious lucid dreaming time. Also if you don’t have a plan you are likely to do what comes from habit or rush into it far too quickly which might cause the dream to collapse.


  1. Stabilize dream
  2. Explore dreamscape
  3. Remember fantasy


Lucid dreaming sex is not the end all and be all of lucid dreaming, it can be very awesome experience and it can help you explore your sexuality in a safe environment. But there are a lot of other things that you can do in a lucid dream, using it as a way to escape reality and give yourself a dopamine rush shouldn’t become a bad habit. Lucid dreaming can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and it can help you become a better version of yourself. Don’t get stuck in superficially J

Ethics (a few interesting questions)

Everyone’s moral code is different, however here are some interesting questions that you might want to think about:

  • Could you have a relationship with a dream character, would that detract from your real life relationship?
  • What if you had sex with a projection of somebody that you know in your close environment?
  • What if it was with your friend’s spouse or girlfriend?

Having sex with a projection in your close environment might change your perception of the person in real life. You might get more attracted or might feel a little weird around them.

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Lucid Dreaming For Personal Development

Most people neglect this part of the lucid dreaming experience, believe it or not, stimulation and getting surface level sensory experience is not the end all be all of lucid dreaming. There is a little more depth to it, if you care to explore more.

I find it very exciting to understand that the unique state of being awake in your dreams opens up enormous possibilities for communication with your deeper self, your subconscious, your DNA, your soul, whatever you want to call it.


It is a unique chance to explore into your mind for insights about your behavior, motivations and to understand what makes you tick.

Frustrating social or work problems can be solved by turning to your deeper self for the answer. I think that this is exactly what the Indian tribes did when they pondered important life questions. They turned to lucid dreaming and Clea Zacheti (the dream herb – smoked for increased lucidity) for help and guidance.

Here are some ideas for what to do in your next lucid dream:

1) Ask a random dream character and ask it: “what do you represent?” You can get surprising and interesting insights since the characters are a part of you.

2) Try to communicate with the dream itself / your subconscious mind.

3) Go back in time and talk to yourself as a child (or just witness past events), this can help you realize some of the traits you developed as response to past events that might not be serving you in the present. It can also give you greater empathy for yourself and for your past.

4) Talk to your future self. Your subconscious can give you an “accurate” projection of where you are going based on your present direction; this can be very helpful and visual experience that will serve as motivation for your goals. For example, If you subconsciously know that you are not doing the right things, the encounter will vividly reveal the long term effects of being lazy or other destructive behaviors that you might have, you will feel the regret of your future self and that can be a powerful motivator to readjust your behavior in the present.


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Lucid Dream Challenge : Day/Night 2 [Success]

Action plan:

  • 5 minutes “Tonight, I will remember my dreams!” affirmation
  • Put 2-3 new dreams in the dream journal
  • Read about lucid dreaming (experiences of other people, techniques, get inspired)
  • Set a “am I dreaming” desktop background, change my environment to reflect lucid dreaming


[Explanation] The importance of INTENTION

Have you ever woken up few seconds before the alarm was supposed to ring? Do you think this is a coincidence? Hell NO.

You can actually program your subconscious mind to wake you up at a certain time. It is simple, but it wont work 100% of the time because there are a lot of variables that also control sleep. Just by setting the INTENTION to wake up at a certain time and expecting to wake up, the chances of it happening are greatly increased. If you are a skeptic try this 3 nights in a row and see for yourself. You might have a WTF moment.

The same is valid for remembering dreams and having lucid dreams. If you set your intent to have one and remember one, then the chances go up. That’s why it is important to read about lucid dreaming, keep a dream journal and say lucid dreaming affirmations before going to bed.


Dream Journal Entries:

I read lucid dreaming stories for 15 minutes and than spend the last conscious moments setting my intention to remember my dreams. Here are my results for day 2.


Dream #1: First Lucid Dream

Yey success! I guess some of my old habits are still sticking in the background of my subconscious. A little boost in my lucid dreaming intention was all I needed. This was was something like a WILD [Wake induced Lucid Dream] experience, but not quite. Let me ‘splain…

I am walking on the street, it is dark and late. A big car (like a limousine) is driving fast and stops right next to me and I start to feel like I am in danger. My next tough is… wait wait wait… how the F*** did I get here? The last thing i remember laying in my bed and now I am Teleported here? This must be a dream! I do a reality check to confirm this but it doesn’t work correctly, however I am still sure that I am dreaming so I do the “shut nose” reality check and it confirms that I am actually dreaming.

I get really exceeded and my dream is starting to fade to total blackness, I don’t accept this and yell: LUCIDITY NOW!, GET LUCID NOW! and repeat this with some permutations of the F-word inside that statement. Then I say FORM ENVIRONMENT, SEE THE WORLD and sure enough, my subconscious listens and I find myself flying over my house but now it is sunny and warm. For some reason I can’t control my flight path and the dream slowly starts fading again, I fight it but it doesn’t work and I wake up.


Dream #2: Parkour Movie

(Edit, 2014 January: I was dreaming about this because I had a lot of intention for recording a parkour video and I did it, you can see it here!


Dream #3: Parkour BOOK

well I’ve never actually seriously tough about making a parkour book, but a lot of my dreams seem to be about parkour


Dream #4: Forgot about it…

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Lucid Dream Challenge : Day/Night 1

Write something in my dusty old dream journal.

I will start just like everyone started with lucid dreaming. The first thing you learn is how to remember your dreams and about the importance of keeping a dream journal. If lucid dreaming is something new to you, read this article about remembering dreams (yes we have dreams every night but the problem is that we have fish memory when it comes to remembering them)


Action plan for day 1:

Set 2 alarms to wake me up in REM phases of sleep. Alarm 1 should go off in 4.5 hours after I fall asleep and Alarm 2 in 6 hours. After this I will record my dreams and instantly post them on this website. There is a small chance that I won’t remember anything. If that happens no big deal. This challenge will slowly increase my resolve and intention to experience a lucid dream, which will actually program my subconscious mind to let it happen. It the Law of Attraction 1 o 1.


Dream Journal Entries:

I recorded two short dreams or parts of them. I remember that i had more dreams, but I can’t remember what they were about. I woke up 3 or 4 times and only remembered parts of 2 dreams.

Dream #1:

For some reason I decided to go in a forbidden house on a local mountain (I don’t know this place in real life) and hide from society. I felt like I was a ninja on a special mission. The house was enormous, with long hallways and a lot of rooms.

I entered one of these rooms and I saw my dad sleeping there, I suddenly felt like I am in a video game and I needed to take “items” from the drawer without waking him up. I think I found 3 hand grenades in the drawer and I felt happy about it (the same feeling you get when you take good loot in a video game).

Dream #2:

I am in the kitchen of my parents’ house and I am talking with the ex-girlfriend of my friend. We were having an interesting conversation about a sexual topic (dreams can be fucked up, I won’t share sick details if I dream about something weird, don’t worry). The phone rings and a friend that I don’t know very well wants to come over, we are laughing a little over the phone and I tell him to come, he brings another person. Me and the girl move to a bigger room and my idea is to prepare it for the gusts. The alarm clock wakes me up.

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Getting Back To Lucid Dreaming After 3 Years

After 3 years of following different projects, Lucid dreaming has been put on hold and the habits I built over the past few years are almost totally gone. Aside from the fact that I remember 10 times more dreams than before my first encounter with lucid dreaming. I am starting from scratch again.



My Lucid Dreaming Challenge: 5 Day Plan

Have a lucid dream in the next 5 days, so I can finish just before I travel to Bulgaria. It doesn’t need to be a controlled lucid dream, I just want to realize that I am dreaming, after this I expect to freak out and wake up. But as I learned over the years, when building habits, it is better to go with baby steps than to fly too close to the sun and get burned like Icarus.

Day/Night 1:

  • Create the plan for achieving this goal
  • Try to remember at least one dream

Day/Night 2:

  • 5 minutes “Tonight, I will remember my dreams!” affirmation
  • Put 2-3 new dreams in the dream journal
  • Read about lucid reaming (experiences of other people, techniques, get inspired)
  • Set a “am I dreaming” desktop background, change my environment to reflect lucid dreaming

Day/Night 3:

  • Put 2-3 new dreams in the dream journal
  • Start building a reality checking routine (every 2 hours, every-time something weird happens)
  • Read about lucid dreaming 15 minutes before going to bed
  • 5 minutes “I will have a lucid dream tonight” affirmation before falling asleep
  • First lucid dreaming attempt

Day/Night 4:

  • Check dream journal for recurring dream signs
  • Record new dreams
  • Continue reality checking (+add a reality check instantly after waking up to catch false awakenings)
  • Lucid Dream Affirmation + lucid dream attempt

Day/Night 5:




Real Time Progress (Updated Daily)


Day 1 – Remembering my dreams [ 2 dreams remembered]
Day 2 – Success
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


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