Lucid Dreaming – MILD [Mnemonic Induction Of Lucid Dream]

Have you ever woken up 1 minute before your alarm clock was supposed to wake you up for work? What do you think happened here?

Your subconscious mind knew that the alarm was going to shock you out of sleep so it made you wake up little bit earlier to avoid the stress.

This method works in a similar way. If you have the intention to be conscious in your dreams then you will probably have a lucid dream. If you have the intention to remember your dream then you will probably remember your dreams.

A practical way to create that intention:

1) Lie down, relax, find a comfortable position in which you can fall asleep

2) As you are falling asleep say to yourself that you will wake up after you had a dream and you will write it down in your dream journal. “I will wake up after my dream and I will write it down in my dream journal”. Say it with certainty and trust that your subconscious will get the message.

3) When you wake up, try to recall your dream instantly. If you can’t remember anything try again, dig deeper. One memory will eventually pop up and you will be able to get the rest of the details from there by association. NOW write everything down in your dream journal

4)  Go back to bed and this time as you are falling asleep imagine that you are in the dream you previously had but now you notice a dream sign and you perform a reality check. The reality check fails and you realize that you are dreaming. Do this over and over until you fall asleep (try not to drift into other thought patterns, it is important to keep your attention to this one)


Not waking up after having a dream.

-Set an alarm to wake you up after 4.5 hours (AFTER REM sleep) then after 6 hours (Next REM sleep)

Can’t remember the dream after you wake up.

-Try again to get some experience and read more about remembering dreams


The MILD technique doesn’t always work from the first try. And the chance of it to produce a lucid dream are different for everyone. Some might have success the first time they try and some on the 10th. I think it mostly depends on 4 things:

-Belief that it will work

-Trust that your subconscious will do what you ask



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