The 7 most common lucid dreaming flying mistakes

1. Flying too soon

You must walk before you fly, take a second and explore the dream world before you try to fly. Do some of the dream prolongation techniques and make the dream more vivid.

2. Flying too fast

Flying is a tricky thing, start slow and try not to go over the limits of what you are comfortable with.

3. Flying too high

Flying too high might make you lose lucidity because you can no longer see the ground which is an important reference point.

4. Focusing on gravity and fear

Focus on where you want to go, not where you might fall. Your dream is a manifestation of your thoughts, so what you think is what you get. This holds true for real life too!

5. Getting Frustrated

Donโ€™t expect to learn to do this overnight. Some learn slow and some learn fast, but the fact is that everyone can learn. Understand that frustration caused by a failed flying attempt just lengthens your learning curve.

6. Not understanding the placebo effect

There is no spoon, if you believe you can fly you will. This is the most important rule in lucid dreaming.

7. Assuming that you can fly through walls

Actually scratch that… if you you believe you can, then it is very easy ๐Ÿ™‚