Advanced Lucid Dreaming : False Awakenings

After you have had few lucid dreams, it is time to start fine tuning your skill. This means that you need to pay more attention to details and find what works best.

One of the things that might have great impact on your lucid dreaming success rate is being aware of false awakenings.  A friend of mine almost tripled his lucid dreaming induction rate just by making a habit to do a reality check when he wakes up.

What is a false awakening?

Simply it is waking up in another dream. You wake up and then you wake up, and everything is normal, you are in your room, you stretch, say hi to your family, go to work, and after some time you wake up again, for real.

The most interesting thing about false awakenings is that they are extremely vivid, real and convincing, so it is hard to notice that they are dreams. But in the same time that’s a good thing because you will have a extremely good lucid dream if you just do a reality check.

Making the habit

Just do a reality check each time you wake up, after 20-30 days this will become fully automatic and the habit will require less and less effort to sustain. After 6 months you will actually have full autopilot, meaning that it will feel weird when you try not to do a reality check in the morning.

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