The WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) technique

If you are searching for a way to make sure that you will induce a lucid dream on your next attempt, then you should use the WBTB technique!

How does it work?

After few REM cycles, the REM stage of seep becomes longer and you have longer and more vivid dreams. If you wake yourself up right after the end of the second REM cycle you will have time to consciously take advantage of the third and much longer REM stage.

I also believe that this state of consciousness your brain much more open to suggestions, because you are not fully conscious yet so the automatic resistance won’t be triggered. This means that when your MILD induction method will work much better.

Also, when doing a WILD, you are conscious and you can easily fall asleep in the same time, which means that it is easier to do maintain consciousness, so WILD induction is much more effective and usually takes around 2-5 minutes when combined with WBTB.

How to WBTB, step by step:

  1. Go to bed as you normally do.
  2. Set the alarm to wake you up in 6 hours (that’s when the second REM cycle ends)
  3. When you wake up, stay up for 30-60 minutes. In this time read about lucid dreaming, write in your dream journal, find some new dream signs, plan what you will do in your next lucid dream and most importantly, constantly do reality checks.
  4. After those 30-60 minutes, go back to bed, relax and then start the MILD/ WILD/ DILD induction method. I try to combine them for best results. For example, I start with 2-3 minutes of affirmations, then I do my WILD attempt (which usually works), and if that fails and I lose consciousness while falling asleep then I still have a chance to notice a dream sign and have a DILD.

That’s it,

Now go try it for yourself.

PS. Tell me about your results/sticking points via commenting below, maybe I can help.