The #1 Sticking Point for Lucid Dreaming Beginners

Waking up 5 seconds after realizing that you are dreaming

I was reading trough the dreamviews forum for the last hour, going trough people’s first lucid dreaming experiences and here is a pattern that I found:

  • Nobody took time to explore the world around them after they realized they they are dreaming
  • Most of the times, they instantly tried to do the most “advanced” things. In most cases this was trying to have sex.
  • Everyone was having short 5 second dreams.

“I suddenly just realized I was dreaming, and quickly tried to start flying, and I woke up within 5 seconds of becoming lucid.”

– This is really a common experience to all lucid dreamers, it doesn’t have to be about sex, it can be about flying or something exciting. In our first lucid dream most of us simply don’t do the warm-up stabilization routines, mostly because we don’t know how and sometimes just because we never thought it was that important.

The number one factor that ends your dreams is Shock

The first thing you experience when you realize that you are dreaming is a little shock and there is a rush of thoughts : “woow, this is cool”, “what to do now?”, “can I fly?”, “FINALLY, I AM LUCDI DREAMING”, “I can do whatever I want”… etc.

This doesn’t wake you up.

The thing that does wake you up is adding additional shock to your dream by rushing to do the cool stuff like flying instead of taking few seconds to relax, look around and explore your environment.

This is the main distinction between lucid dreaming beginners and veterans. Beginners try to do some advanced flying maneuvers where as the veterans chill and do their warm-up stabilizations routines.

The results:
Beginners have 5 second dreams
Pro’s have 5 – 60 minute dreams

How to battle this sticking point:

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