7 Tips For Better Lucid Dreaming Sex

Learn how to have lucid dreaming sex with ease using the Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD) technique. Before you start, it’s essential to know how it feels like. The best way to find out is to try it yourself. If you want to make sure you remember your dreams vividly, read about how to remember dreams.

It’s crucial to note that dream memories are stored in the same place as normal memories. Therefore, accessing the memory of lucid dreaming sex will create the same emotions as accessing a real sex memory.

Here are seven tips to enhance your lucid dreaming sex experiences:

  1. Start slowly and explore the world around you first. Adjust to the environment for a minute or two before indulging in any sexual activity to avoid waking up from excitement.
  2. Visualize a clear picture of the partner you want to have sex with before going to bed. Writing it down in detail can lead to a better experience.
  3. Create a clear scenario of what you want to do during the dream.
  4. Practice summoning people in your dream, especially if you want to have sex with a specific person. It’s best to summon them already naked and ready to go.
  5. Remember that you can summon people you know in real life into your dream.
  6. Learn how to fly and teleport, as they are essential tools for transportation in the dream world.
  7. Learn how to sustain and increase lucidity during the dream.

By practicing these things, you can have unforgettable lucid dreaming sex experiences. Keep in mind that mastering any skill takes time, so be patient and keep practicing.