And STOP wasting 8 hours of your life every DAY!

From Alexander Atanasoski, Lucid Dreaming Expert

Dear Aspiring Lucid Dreamer,

Let me tell you ONE HARSH TRUTH. Millions of people have tried lucid dreaming and FAILED. Why? Because they took the wrong approach and failed before they even started.

There is ONE CRUCIAL MISTAKE that they are making… So listen closely, this is the one thing you must avoid like the PLAGUE if you want to be one of the FEW that actually achieve their DREAMS.

It is the BELIEF that you can learn everything by yourself. Lucid Dreaming is a skill, just like playing the guitar. And like in any other skill it is critical that you learn the basics in the RIGHT way, if you try to learn alone you will most likely develop bad habits that will hinder your ability to lucid dream for the rest of your life.

Most people try to learn everything at once and they end up being confused and overwhelmed, without any PRACTICAL knowledge or results to back up their effort.

That’s why it is VITAL to have a SYSTEMATIC approach to learning this skill. You need the get the RIGHT INFORMATION at the RIGHT TIME.

Let me Guide You to Your First Lucid Dream

My name is Alexander and I have been lucid dreaming for the past 6 years. I’ve helped hundreds of people to experience their first lucid dream and I want to help you too.

By following my systematic approach to lucid dreaming you CAN HAVE YOUR FIRST LUCID DREAM in 7 days, but that is only the start, there is much much more…

Unlock Hyper Realistic REM Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are hyper – realistic because they occur during the REM phase of sleep. This is when our brain generates the deepest and most vivid dreams that you will soon learn to control. In just a few days you can UNLOCK the full power of your subconscious mind and create a whole virtual simulation world that is FEELS even more REAL than reality itself.



You can slide your hand on the wall and you can feel the rough cold surface on your skin.


Taste a slice of food from your IDEAL restaurant and have the best meal in your life.


You can enjoy incredible sexual adventures with the perfect partner/s.

An Amazing LD Success Story!

I was looking through a mirror and somehow realized I was dreaming. I proceeded to test out the mirror. I found that when I looked into the mirror and moved around the mirror behaved very abnormally. Certain things would move and others wouldn’t. The colors in the dream mirror were very off from the colors of my surroundings. In fact, the whole scenery was different.Since I was conscious I was able to observe all these phenomenon with a wake mind. I thought it was so incredible. I stuck my arm into the mirror and watched ripples spread around my arm. I found that by changing my mindset I could make the mirror behave differently. I could touch it and make it crack around my finger. I could heal the cracks. I could use it as a portal, and I could do other incredible things with it.”

- Jamoca



What do you want to do the

next time you FALL Asleep?

  • Have a romantic night with your Secret Crush
  • Experience the freedom of flying
  • Be a rockstar for one night
  • Establish direct communication with your subconscious mind
  • Get closure by talking to someone that is out of your life forever
  • Talk to the greatest minds in history (after reading their autobiography)

Have Your First Lucid Dream in Less than 5 Days

I’ve spent the last 6 years learning everything there is to know about LUCID DREAMING and how to consciously and intentionally experience them all the time.

I’ve taken the time to write down everything I’ve learned and discovered in a plain, easy-to-understand language and then I organized it in a way that will help you get the most results in the shortest time possible.

With this interactive lucid dreaming system you are GUARANTEED to experience a lucid dream in the next 5 days.

Note: Actually most of my students experience 2-3 lucid dreams in this time frame.

If you are a beginner, this is the best place to start because you will build a strong foundation of the fundamentals behind lucid dreaming. And If you are advanced you will still discover some golden nuggets of value that will take your lucid dreaming to the next level.

How does this system work?

Every day you get a challenge. I give you the best of what I have learned so far in the simplest form so that you can quickly download that information in your brain. However it doesn’t stop there. You now get missions that will develop your lucid dreaming skills in a practical way.

Unlock The Lucid Dreaming Course

And Experience Your First Lucid Dream

  • Day One – Discover How You are MISSING OUT on More Than FIVE AMAZING DREAMS Every Night And How YOU Can Get Them Back With my Secret Dream Recall Technique.
  • Day Two – Learn how to induce lucid dreams with my secret modified RC technique.
  • Day Three – Master my 3 simple but highly refined Dream Control Techniques
  • Day Four – Secret Optimization Technique that will increase your chances to have a lucid dream tonight by 500%
  • Day Five – 3 foods that will make literally FORCE your MIND into a highly favorable state for experiencing the most vivid and amazing lucid dreams.

Bonus: Underground Lucid Technique (Astral)

With this rarely known lucid dreaming technique you can actually have a special kind of lucid dream that feels exactly like an out of body experience and has nothing to do with “soul” or “religion”. It is scientifically proven and experienced by thousands of expert lucid dreamers.

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Thousands of People are Using Lucid Dreaming

as a Secret Tool For Unleashing Creativity and

Personal Development

Unlock Creativity


Did you know that Walt Disney invented Mickey Mouse in a dream?

When you are in a lucid dream it is really easy to be creative because logical part of your brain is partially shut down. You can use this to ask smart questions and get innovative and creative answers back from your subconscious mind.

Take down nightmares

A study was performed in 2006 that showed that lucid dreaming was a successful treatment for nightmares.

With lucid dreaming you can easily face the thing that scares you the most in a position of power and control.

Self Development

Thousands are using lucid dreaming to practice overcoming fears of public speaking, approaching strangers or destroying mental barriers for peak performance.

All in an environment that is totally safe and under your control..

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.

- Sigmund Freud

Misconceptions about Lucid Dreaming:

  • Anything related to magic

Lucid dreaming is a skill based on science and how the brain works. We are the only species who can lucid dream because we are the only species with consciousness. So, no, this is not voodoo stuff related to dark spells and magic. It is just a special way of dreaming.

  • Anything related to your soul

People are sometimes afraid of not being able to wake up, and being trapped by the evil spirits, they say that doing things like this connects you to the realm of spirits and you must be guided personally by a guru who will protect your soul. Again, think of lucid dreaming as unleashing the true power of your imagination and visualization.

  • Anything related to Cults/Illuminati stiff.

Some people think that lucid dreamers live in cults and have weakly meetings where they practice their strange powers. In truth, most lucid dreamers are just like me and you, they are normal people who want to get the most out of their dreams. Actually there are a lot of famous lucid dreamers: the movie director of Inception (Christopher Nolan), famous artist Salvador Dali, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and many more.

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