A Weird Lucid Dreaming Experience

This is a dream log from when I was still learning how to lucid dream and my dreams lasted only about 10-20 seconds. I knew how to attain lucidity and I knew how to remember my dreams, the one thing I was lacking was experience in lucid dreaming control.

So here is the dream:

I am in a children’s playground, everything is grey… A bit weird and unreal, so I do a reality check. I shut my nose and try to breathe in and to my surprise I CAN!

WOO! I am lucid dreaming!

I quickly teleport on the tallest place on earth, I find myself standing on the edge of a skyscraper. Cool! The view is beautiful, so I take a few moments to capture it.

It’s time to jump! I am falling straight down, picking up incredible speed. I can see the ground, there is a thin layer of water above the concrete, enough to cover half of my body but not enough to stop me from hitting the concrete.


The shock from hitting the ground woke me up instantly but I could stimultainosly see and feel both the real and dream world. I felt as if I was moving my hands trough water when in the real world I was just moving them trough air above my bed, I could also hear the bubbles in the water and in the same time I could hear noises from the real world.

After few seconds the dream part started to fade and soon it was completely gone.

Anyone had a similar experience?


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