Lucid Dreaming Control Techniques

All techniques have their pros and cons, I will try to rate them according to my experience.

The factors I will take into consideration are:

(keep in mind that these are the results for me, Lucid Dreaming techniques often give different results for different people)

  • Palms Rubbing

    Put your hands together and rub them, feel the sensation of touch and warmth.

    • Easiness of performing: 5
    • Increasing vividness: 4
    • Increasing consciousness: 4
    • Stabilization: 4
  • The Tornado Spin

    Just start spinning like this dude on the picture, make it fast and keep telling yourself “I am lucid dreaming” because you might end up prolonging the dream but loosing lucidity or experiencing a false awakening.

    • Easiness of performing: 4
    • Increasing vividness: 4
    • Increasing consciousness: 1
    • Stabilization: 4
  • Shouting

    Increase lucidity! Increase Vividness!

    • Easiness of performing: 5
    • Increasing vividness: 3
    • Increasing consciousness: 3
    • Stabilization: 3
  • Focusing Senses on Objects

    It’s basically exploring an object with all your senses. For example, get a rock and explore it with your senses.

    • Easiness of performing: 2
    • Increasing vividness: 5+
    • Increasing consciousness: 5
    • Stabilization: 5

It’s best to have one routine that includes all the techniques, mine is basically 1, 2-3, 4:

When I realize that I am dreaming I instantly start with rubbing my palms. Next I do the tornado spin and shout “I AM IN A LUCID DREAM” while I am spinning. After that I shout “INCREASE LUCIDITY”. And lastly I perform the focus technique to give me an extra edge.

And I do the same each time I notice that the dream is fading away.

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To wrap up, these are just some of the techniques for lucid dreaming control. Remember that what works for one person may not work for another, so it’s important to try different techniques and find what works best for you. With practice and persistence, you can become a skilled lucid dreamer and have more control over your dreams.

Thank you for reading, and happy dreaming!