Why to lucid dream?

You probably have some idea about what you can do with lucid dream, but you are not exactly sure. This part will give you the details about lucid dreaming applications.

First and foremost, you are spending 8 hours sleeping every day and you don’t even remember what you were dreaming. Well with lucid dreaming this time can be reclaimed. Not only you will start to remember your dreams but you will also gain the ability to control them.

This ability opens many possibilities


1. Adventure and Fun

  • Have sex – You can have any kind of sex you can imagine and with anyone you can imagine (or already know).
  • Fly – Someone once sad that its the same feeling as jumping with a parachute in the real world.
  • Travel Time
  • Have a chat with your favorite person from history – This will be a cool experience and it may give you some a deeper understanding of things you already know (realizations).


2. Unlock Creativity

Did you know that Walt Disney invented Mickey Mouse in a dream?

When you are in a lucid dream it is really easy to be creative because logical part of your brain is partially shut down. You can use this to ask smart questions and get innovative and creative answers back from your subconscious mind.

An effective application for a profession like: Artist, Designer or Inventor


3. Taking down nightmares

Lucid dreaming gives you a chance to become aware that the nightmare is only a dream and then face the thing that scares you the most in a position of power and control.

A study was performed in 2006 that showed that lucid dreaming was a successful treatment for nightmares.


4.Self Development

We have all heard of affirmations and visualizations… Try doing them in a lucid dream and see what happens.

Say I am rich once and BAM! you are the richest person on earth. And after you have experienced how it feels like to be super rich, you have a reference experience that you can aim towards with your affirmations. You can practice public speaking, approaching strangers, or having a stand up comedy show in the same way.


There are tons of other things you can do in a lucid dream that are out of the scope of this article, if you want to read more go to:

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